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Neslihan Cevik

Senior Consultant on Social Scientific Research

Organization of Islamic Conference

Neslihan Cevik is a Turkish sociologist of religion and the author of Muslimism in Turkey and Beyond: Religion in the Modern World (Palgrave MacMillan 2015). A former Fulbright scholar, Cevik has completed her PhD in Sociology at Arizona State University (2010). She was rewarded a post-doctoral research grand (2010-2013) by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia, where she continues as an associate fellow. Currently, Cevik is leading a project on de-radicalization and fight against violent extremism at the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference). Her work on religion appears in CNN-Arabic, Daily Sabah, OrientXXI, and Political Theology Today, and is translated into Arabic, French, and Turkish. Cevik helped found the first postcolonial studies research center in Turkey, PAMER, Uskudar University. An engaged social entrepreneur, Cevik also is the founder of M-Linefashion.com, a modest wear company that seeks to encourage Muslim women’s economic and public integration.

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